Is it now time to act?

Second charge loans are growing in stature time on time as more homeowners become aware of their vast array of uses.

Recent house price figures are showing a continued increase in property values which is great news for homeowners indeed. With property values increasing this in turn means more free equity within the property to raise capital.

There is a lot of talk within the industry that mortgage interest rates are about to increase and experts are showing concerns homeowners are not ready for this jump. If a rate rise is coming then this will also filter through to the second charge market in due course.

So, if you are looking to raise capital on your properties equity now would be a very good time to start so as to avoid any nasty surprises. A second charge loan has very few restrictions and will complete much quicker than any re-mortgage.

The good news is there are still plenty of advantageous fixed rate second charge loans available but this could change very quickly in these uncertain times.

It is not always best advice to use a second charge loan to raise funds and you should always discuss your needs with a qualified adviser. A wrong move when raising capital can be costly in the long term so please do seek advice.

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