Second charge rates are still low

For the time being second charge interest rates are likely to remain at their all-time lows. If you are considering a new loan now could be the time to make your move as things could be changing soon.

Second charge loan interest rates have been tumbling for months now. This type of loan could be used as an alternative to a re-mortgage if it fits your lending criteria. Second charge lending is growing in stature and is now a very serious alterative to the once traditional re-mortgage.

Lenders have seen the potential growth in this area of raising funds and have responded well by offering competitive short and long-term packages to suit the majority of requirements.

This form of loan will not suit everybody but it is without doubt worth exploring with the advice of a qualified adviser. Remember this is a secured form of lending and therefore will in most cases be far cheaper than an unsecured loan.

These days the choices of loans open to homeowners is vast and it is vital to get the correct one to suit your needs. Making the wrong choice could prove to be very expensive over the longer term so do seek professional advice.

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If you think this form of loan could assist you in your future planning it is very important to ensure you get the correct advice. There are many lenders offering numerous second charge loans, please call one of our advisers who will be able to guide you in the correct direction.


Continued growth second charge mortgage market

June saw the second charge mortgage market have its fourth consecutive month of growth, with new business up 33% by value and 22% by volume.

The number of new second charge mortgages in the first half of 2017 was 10,401, 11% higher than in the same period in 2016.

Second charge mortgages can be particularly useful when a homeowner wants to raise additional funds but does not want to change their existing first mortgage – especially where this involves additional costs. They are regularly used to fund home improvements.

The second charge market is performing very strongly, with four consecutive months of growth highlighting the sectors robustness. Consumers and investors have been hit by rising inflation, and this hasn’t been helped with the ongoing political and economic uncertainty following the General Election and current Brexit negotiations. However, this doesn’t seem to have deterred borrowers looking for alternative routes of financing.

The second charge market offers speed and flexibility coupled with very competitive interest rates, its little wonder consumers are taking to this route of financing.

With the market continuing to accelerate, it’s very important that awareness and availability of second charge loans improves among brokers and consumers alike to help them secure the most suitable financing.


If you would like to know more about the second charge market and how it could potentially help you please do make contact.

Why choose secured lending?

The main reason why people choose secured lending is to save money which we all want to do!

A second charge loan is likely to offer better rates of interest as the loan is secured on your property. Unsecured loans from high street banks and other sources can be notoriously expensive, we have all seen the rates charged by the so called “pay day” lenders.

The reason for a secured loan being more cost effective is due to the lender having to assess the risk. If you are a high-risk borrower they will need to offset the risk with higher interest rates. So, if you offer security, then the risk involved is much lower and the lender will offer far better rates.

This is indeed particularly useful for those special groups such as the self-employed, retired or those who have had past credit problems.

There are many reasons a second charge loan may be preferable over a re-mortgage but there are three key very common factors.

1} Your credit history has deteriorated since you took out your mortgage.

2} You currently have a mortgage with penalties to change.

3} Speed of completion.

Need some assistance?

If you think this type of loan could assist you in your future planning it is very important to ensure you get the right one to suit you. There are many different lenders offering numerous second charge loans so please do call one of our advisers.


Second charge loans & consolidating debt

One of the many advantages of consolidating debt is that when done properly it lowers the total amount of interest you are paying. The idea is to consolidate higher interest debts into a single loan with a lower rate. So, the first question to ask is what makes up the bulk of your debt?

If most of what you owe is on high-interest credit cards, you may be a suitable candidate for consolidating debt. Credit card interest rates can run anywhere from 9% to 35% or more. Debt consolidation loans structured as secured loans against property almost always offer significantly lower rates.

Sometimes interest rates and terms are not the two most key factors for debt consolidation. Sometimes the simple matter of needing more money to pay your monthly bills is the priority. So, your next question is whether you absolutely need a lower monthly payment.

Take a look at your budget. If your finances are taken to the brink of disaster every month, you have no room for emergencies or unforeseen expenses. In your case, debt consolidation would also be a good idea if it could substantially lower your monthly outlay. It is better to pay more interest over the long term than face continued problems because you cannot pay monthly bills.

Second charge loans nowadays come in “all shapes and sizes” and there is likely to be one to fit your needs. The crucial thing is to get professional advice as there are so many options open to homeowners.

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