Boom On 2nd Charge Lending

2nd Charge lending boom

There is little doubt secured lending popularity is increasing daily. Second charge mortgages have increased this year month on month and continue to do so.

Since the Brexit vote enquiries have increased substantially as homeowners look to reduce other expensive unsecured debt. Unsecured debt can be very expensive, second charge lending can offer large savings to the monthly budget.

This type of lending is so easy and quick to secure lenders are increasing their portfolios at a rapid rate. An average case presented will complete in approximately 28 days, this is far quicker than the standard re-mortgage.

Interest rates and fees are reducing as well as lenders see this market as a growth area in the longer term.

One of the biggest growth areas of loans is to the self-employed and the good news is there are plenty of different plans to suit each individual case. Loans can be a fixed rate or standard variable which ever suits the household budget.

This is a rapidly expanding area of lending and products are increasing to match the demand.

Need some assistance?

If you think this type of loan could assist you in your future planning it is very important to ensure you get the correct deal to suit your needs. There are many different lenders offering numerous second charge loans so please do call our advisers who will be happy to help you achieve the correct loan for you.