Why are second charges growing so quickly?

In these very active times of financing it has become more important to be able to complete a deal on time. Second charge finance is growing in status year on year and is going from strength to strength, delivering funding quickly and efficiently. This is something high street banks and mortgage companies just cannot do on a regular basis.

A recent survey of borrowers clearly shows the most important ingredient in funding a deal is speed of completion and efficiency. The survey showed that traditional lenders are just taking far too long to get funds released and deals falter due to this reason. A new second charge loan can be completed within 25 working days which as we all know is far quicker than any re-mortgage.

One client interviewed said “I have just recently completed on a second charge loan and from start to finish it only took 17 days”. “I would have no hesitation to recommend this type of funding, just make sure you explore all options open to you before committing”.

Second charges offer

  • Fast completion.
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • No exit penalties for early re-payment.
  • Very competitive rates of interest.

Need help?

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