Why are second charges growing so quickly?

In these challenging times of financing, it has become more important to be able to complete a deal within a set timescale. Second charge finance has grown in status year on year and is going from strength to strength since regulation.

A second charge delivers funding quickly and efficiently which is something high street and private banks just cannot do at a competitive rate. A recent survey of home owner’s clearly shows the most important ingredient in funding a deal is speed and ease of completion. The survey also showed that traditional lenders are taking too long to get funds released and deals falter due to this reason.

A second charge can be secured on a property and “sits” behind any first charge mortgage both on private and buy-to-lets. A loan without complications can be completed within 14 working days which is considerably less than a re-mortgage.

This time of year always puts pressure on the family budget, so if you are thinking of reviewing your finances do consider a second charge if a loan is required. Interest rates and conditions are very competitive when compared to a traditional mortgage.

There is little doubt second charge lending has had its most successful year. The good thing about this is the lenders have taken this on board by expanding products to meet the challenges.

These are indeed very progressive times for the second charge finance market as the industry looks forward to 2018.

Need help?

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