Second charge loans gain momentum

Several lenders have claimed an increase in the second charge loan market suggests economic uncertainty is causing more people to improve their current property rather than move.

Data shows there has been an 8.4% increase in people applying for second charge finance in the second half of 2018, when compared to the same time in 2017.

Figures also show that 51% of these second charges were applied for to make home improvements.

In addition, UK Finance has reported a 9.2% increase in re-mortgage applications in November compared to the same period last year. This is reinforced by the ONS reporting in their October House Price Index that the rate of increase in UK house prices is 3.1%, the lowest UK annual rate since August 2013.

With an increase in re-mortgage applications, slump in the UK housing market and uncertainty around our economy, this could suggest more people are choosing to improve their current properties – rather than take a potential financial risk of moving.

It could be that Brexit worries are flattening the property market, meaning fewer people are moving and more homeowners are making improvements to their current properties rather than move during a time when it is still unclear how Brexit will affect property prices.

Growth in the market reinforces the fact there are plenty of opportunities in the current climate for second charges. It’s important to consider seconds as a solution for a refinancing or home improvement rather than just re-mortgage. Key to this is to get professional assistance as borrowing money these days offers so many options and can be very confusing.

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