Second charge completions hit new high

A survey recently conducted has reported the fallout from Brexit has had little effect on the second charge lending market as 68% of loan applications resulted in an offer this financial year. This figure is 29% higher than the same period last year

The proportion of offers that subsequently resulted in a completion also increased to 82% this year compared to 68% last year. Brokers also experienced a significant 3% jump in the number of second charge enquiries they received than last year.

Research also found that the Brexit negotiations have not significantly affected the flow of customers through the overall second charge approvals process. It would seem the UK public do not see the Brexit situation as a reason to withhold their future planning.

A local broker in Sussex said, “When the Brexit vote took place lending dipped significantly but now second charges have become very popular”. “Since regulation in line with mortgage lending seconds have increased leaps and bounds”.

This form of lending is now hitting all the predicted levels from two years ago, as homeowners take advantage of the low loan rates on offer. The survey also stated importantly that borrowers much prefer this form of lending to the unsecured alternative.

A second charge loan is a serious alternative to a re-mortgage, with so many options open to the borrower it is highly recommended to seek professional advice. The lending market is a very confusing area for most borrowers so do seek advice from an independent broker as they will have access to all products available.

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